Crane Property Construction Updates (4611 NE 178th St)

Permits have been issued to the builder, Mr. Crane, to prepare the site at 4611 NE 178th St for construction of a new single-family home. This property required a Reasonable Economic Use hearing in order to build the driveway and install utilities near two Exceptional trees. This page contains information on the project and reports during construction. 

Please e-mail both Lauren Hoerr ( and Ashley Adams ( if you have questions or concerns about the project during this process.

Construction-Related Arborist Reports

The following are reports provided by the builder's consulting arborists. These reports detail any construction work that has occurred within the ICRZ of the two exceptional trees on-site.

October 11th
September 18th
September 3rd
August 26th
August 21st
August 5th
July 16th

Hearing Decision and Related Documents

The following are documents related to the hearing process that the property went through as well as a copy of the issued tree permit with associated conditions.

Hearing Examiner Decision
Issued Tree Permit with Conditions