PDF Maps

The maps listed below provide information about the City's land use, environmental features as well as utility and roadway information. Printable PDFs of the maps are offered in either an (8.5 x 11) inch, (11 x 17) inch or a large plot (24 x 36) inch format. Click the underlined link below the map image to access the printable PDF version of the map. Please note, not all maps are offered in large plot sizing. 

*Maps are for reference purposes only. If you have a question about a particular project or property, please contact the City at 206-368-5440.

Interactive Maps and downloadable GIS data (Open Data Portals) can be accessed by clicking the web page titles listed in the blue table of contents. 
Accessory Dwelling Unit Map
Name: Accessory Dwelling Map - ADU
Description: Lot Sizing and Critical Areas info for ADUs.
Last Modified: Oct. 2019
Annexations Map
Name: Annexations 
Description: Annexed areas and dates.
Last Modified: Nov. 2013
Canopy Converage Map
Name: Tree Canopy Coverage
Description: Percentage of canopy cover by parcel.
Last Modified: 2016
Comprehensive Land Use Designation Map
Name: Comprehensive Land Use Designation
Description: Areas defined by designated land use.
Last Modified: 2015
Critical Areas Map
Name: Critical Areas
Description: Sensitive environmental areas.
          24 x 36 (PDF)
Last Modified: Oct. 2019
Culverts Map
Name: Culverts
Description: Culvert locations on McAleer and Lyon Creek.
Last Modified: Oct. 2019
Lake Forest Park Shopping, Transit, and Parks Pamphlet
Name: LFP Shopping, Transit and Parks
Description: Amenities, bus routes and parks.
Size:  11 x 17 (PDF)
Last Modified: 2011
Marijuana Zoning Map
Name: Marijuana Zoning
Description: Zoned areas for business.
Last Modified: Jan. 2016
Road Overlay Map
Sandbag Depot Map
Sewer Districts Map
Short Plat Map
Name: Road Overlay
Description: Road resurfacing program (2007-2019).
          24 x 36 (PDF)
Last Modified: Oct. 2019
Name: Sandbag Depot 
Description: Sandbag locations (available to the public).
Last Modified: Nov. 2016
Name: Sewer Utility Districts
Description: Sanitary sewer service providers.
Size:  11 x 17 (PDF)
Last Modified: Mar. 2010
Name: Short Plat
Description: Zoning and Critical Areas for Short Plat application.
Last Modified: Oct. 2019
Snow and Ice Priority Routes Map
Name: Snow & Ice Routes
Description: Response (priority) map for snow and ice weather conditions.
Size:  11 x 17 (PDF)
Last Modified: Aug. 2009
Vicinity Map
Name: Vicinity
Description: Emergency response locations, bus routes, parks, trails and open spaces.
Last Modified: Oct. 2019
Water Districts Map
Name: Water Utility Districts
Description: Water service providers.
Size:  11 x 17 (PDF)
Last Modified: Oct. 2019
Zoning Map
Name: Zoning
Description: Zoning and land use designations.
          24 x 36 (PDF)
Last Modified: Oct. 2019