Costs, Fees and Payment Options

Payment Options

  • Cash

The court accepts exact payment amount in cash at our front counter (subject to court policy regarding coins).  

The court will not accept payment in coinage in an amount more than $10.00.  The court will not accept pennies, nickels, dimes or a combination in excess of $2.00.  Please see the court policy regarding acceptance of monetary penalties in coinage here.

  • Check or Money Order

The court accepts checks and money orders at our front counter, through the mail or in the secured drop box located on the west side of the City Hall building to the left of the main entrance.

  • Credit Cards

The court accepts credit and debit cards at the payment kiosk in our lobby  during regular business hours (3% fee applies), by phone at (206) 905-7447 or (877) 793-8935 or by visiting (6% fee applies).

  • Unified Payment Program (UP Program)

If you have one or more traffic infractions in King County that are holding your license you may be eligible for the UP Program.  Please click here for more information.

Court Cost and Fee Schedule

Appeal Record Preparation                                                                   $40.00

Blood Alcohol Content                                                                           $250.00

Booking Fee King County Jail                                                               $236.26 / Daily Maintenance $225.80

Booking Fee Snohomish County Jail                                                    $134.70 / Daily Maintenance $187.46

Audio Duplication                                                                                  $10.00 (per audio file)

Certified Copy                                                                                       $5.00

Criminal Conviction Fee                                                                        $43.00

Criminal Court Cost Recoupment                                                         $200.00

Criminal Traffic Penalty Fee                                                                  $102.50

Deferred Finding                                                                                   $175.00

Deferred Prosecution Fee                                                                     $250.00 / probation $1000.00

Delinquent Parking Fee                                                                        $25.00

DNA Collection                                                                                     $100.00

Domestic Violence Assessment                                                           $150.00

Drug Patch                                                                                           Per Contract Company

Drug Patch Analysis Fee                                                                      Per Contract Company

Electronic Home Monitoring                                                                 $15.00/day

Electronic Home Monitoring w/alcohol monitoring                               $15.00/day

Expungement of Misdemeanor Record                                               $150.00

Fail to Respond / Appear Fee                                                              $52.00

Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervisions Transfer        $80.00

Insurance Administrative Cost                                                             $25.00

Photocopies                                                                                         $0.15/page

Probation (Active & Court Monitored)                                                  Determined by the Judge                    

Public Defender Recoupment                                                              Sliding Scale

Returned Check Fee                                                                            $40.00

Stipulated Order of Continuance                                                          $150.00 + Probation Fees

Witness Fees                                                                                       $10.00/day

Youth Court                                                                                          $30.00