Warrants, Probation & Courtroom Information

More About Municipal Court
This page provides answers and information about Lake Forest Park Municipal Court and how it works.

Payment Options
Cash, in exact change, personal check (include the citation number), cashiers check, money order and credit card payments made through nCourt are all acceptable forms of payment for fines.

Payment can be made on the second floor of City Hall during office hours. A secured drop box is located on the side of the City Hall building to the left of the 1st floor main entrance. Payments or correspondence may be left in the drop box after hours. There is also a payment kiosk in the Court lobby which is available any time City Hall is open.

PLEASE NOTE: Credit card payments will not reflect on your account until all funds have been confirmed as deposited in the Court's bank account.

Time payments receipted after the 20th of each month may not be posted to your account for up to 5 days and/or the following month.

To pay by phone: (800) 701-8560 or (206) 905-7447

Outstanding Warrants
Once an arrest warrant is issued by the Court, it remains in effect until quashed by the judge. The judge may allow a warrant to be quashed administratively if it meets certain criteria. You may email us at lfpcourt@cityoflfp.com, call us at (206) 364-7711 or come into the Court office during regular business hours for help quashing your warrant. 

The Lake Forest Park Municipal Court utilizes a court probation clerk to monitor low risk cases administratively during the probationary period. An active probation officer, Charles Mitchell, monitors cases of a higher risk. If Mr. Mitchell has been assigned as your probation officer, you can reach him either through the Court or by calling 206.498-0038. Please be advised that it is the defendant‘s responsibility to keep Mr. Mitchell and the Court advised of any changes in address or telephone.

Court Hours
Regular Court office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Presiding Judge Jennifer J. Grant hears cases from the bench on Monday and Wednesday beginning at 9:00 a.m. The Court office normally remains open during the lunch hour for your convenience. The Court is open to the public and the public is always welcome to attend any court session. Please see attendance requirements by hearing type for further information.

Court Closures
The Lake Forest Park Municipal Court is closed on weekends and all legal holidays; or, in severe or unusual conditions or circumstances, as ordered by the Judge.

Driving Directions
The Court is reached by taking Exit 177, North or Southbound, off I-5. Turn left onto Ballinger Way NE (Eastbound), and continue for 2 miles. Turn right at NE 175 Street, into the Town Center at Lake Forest Park. Continue straight, through the stop sign to the lower level of the mall parking lot. Turn left at the small blue sign indicating City Hall and Police. The Court is located on the 2nd floor of Lake Forest Park City Hall.

The Court will make arrangements for interpreters. Please contact the Court if you require the assistance of an interpreter

The Court can accommodate people with hearing impairment and is wheelchair accessible. Please contact the Court if you require special arrangements.

Information regarding wedding ceremonies by Judge Jennifer J. Grant can be found on the Marriage Information page.