Single-Use Plastics Ban

On September 9, 2021, the LFP City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1224, reinstating Chapter 5.34 LFPMC Restricting Use of Plastic Bags and Noncompostable Food Service Containers and Amending LFPMC 5.34.060 Decreasing the Pass-through Charge for Recyclable Paper Bags.

What does this mean?

  • All businesses inside the city limits may no longer provide single-use plastic carryout bags or non-compostable food service containers, straws, lids, or utensils to their customers.
  • There is a required pass-through charge of not less than eight (8) cents per recycled content paper carryout bag and reusable carryout bag made of film plastic, and retail establishments must indicate on the customer transaction receipt the number of recycled content paper bags and reusable carryout bags made of film plastic provided and the amount of the fee.
  • All bags, food service containers, straws, lids, and utensils provided to customers must be compostable.


  • Disposable flexible plastic drinking straws can be made available when needed by customers due to medical or physical conditions.
  • Other types of plastic bags such as, bags without handles for produce, bulk foods (meat, nuts, grains, candy, small hardware items, etc.); bags provided to contain or wrap flowers/potted plants; laundry dry-cleaning bags; newspaper bags; bags sold in packages containing multiple bags intended for garbage, pet waste, yard waste.

What about violations/penalties?

  • Violations are enforced using the procedures for civil infractions in Chapter 1.25 of the LFP Municipal Code.

In need of a reusable shopping bag? 

  • Stop by City Hall during business hours to grab a LFP shopping bag, two per household, while supplies last!

What if I have questions?

  • Contact JoAnne Trudel, Deputy City Clerk, at 206-368-5440, or by email.