Neighborhood Traffic Calming


The intent of the City of Lake Forest Park Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) is to address traffic concerns on low-volume residential roads within the City, as designated within the City of Lake Forest Park Arterial Plan. The NTCP enables individual citizens and/or neighborhood groups to participate in the process of identification, evaluation, and possible implementation of traffic calming projects on residential roads.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

Request for Service

An individual citizen and/or neighborhood group requesting action or expressing a concern will be asked to complete a Request for Service (RFS) form. When completing the form, citizens are asked to provide as much detail as possible about their concern, including specific location, time of day, type of vehicles or modes (pedestrians, bicycles, trucks, buses, passenger cars, etc.), on-street parking, intersection control, vehicles driving off the road, etc.

City Response

All RFS will be routed to the Police Department, who coordinates with Public Works so that all requests are numbered and entered into the NTCP database. Public Works staff will then forward the request to the NTCP Coordinator (contracted traffic engineer) to evaluate for an appropriate response/action.

City staff will prepare an initial response acknowledging receipt of the request and identifying data-gathering actions that will be taken. Data-gathering actions may include researching the history of similar concerns, scheduled gathering of speed and volume data, collision history, site visits, or referral to another agency (i.e. Police, King County Parks, etc.). The requestor should be informed if the problem has been previously reviewed and any actions taken.

Getting Started

Citizens requesting traffic calming for their neighborhood should fill out the Request for Service form and return it to Lake Forest Park City Hall:

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program
17425 Ballinger Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
Tel. 206-386-5440 - Fax 206-364-6521 - Email City Hall

Lake Forest Park Interactive Web GIS Portal (

Traffic Calming and Collision Map

This map undergoes quarterly updates as a standard practice.