Speaking at a City Council Meeting

Addressing City Council during Public Comment

Public Comment is scheduled to be held as close to the beginning of every regular City Council meeting as possible.  Each citizen is allowed three (3) minutes to comment.  Handouts or other written statements may be distributed by the citizen to the Councilmembers to supplement a comment.

To address the Council, please provide your name on the Public Comment sign-up sheet (available at the entry to the Council Chambers) which will be given to the City Clerk immediately before the Public Comment portion of the Agenda. Please specify the subject you would like to address. This information is needed for the public record and to assist the City in future communications with you, if necessary.

Each citizen signed up for Public Comment is allowed to address the City Council at the podium.  State your name and address at the beginning of your comments.  

The Council, by rule, does not respond to comments or questions made during Public Comment.  This direction was included in the Governance Manual to allow citizens the opportunity to comment freely in a manner that allows only their voices to be heard.  Citizens should indicate during their comment if they want a response from the city.