Council Committees

All City Council committee meetings are open to the public. Information concerning date, time, locations, and agenda is distributed in advance, and meetings are included on the City's website calendar of events.

Council Comm of Whole 12-1-2016 4_thumb.jpg

Committee of the Whole ("CoW") - Meets at 6:00 p.m. on the Monday before the 4th Thursday Council Meeting

The Committee of the Whole was formed by the Council in 2014. All seven Councilmembers serve on the Committee of the Whole, which considers a wide range of policy issues of concern to the entire Council, with the exception of matters of specific concern to other committees, such as Budget and Finance.

Ongoing responsibilities include the Council’s annual work program, state and federal legislative agenda, and rules, procedures and organization for Council operations and city governance.

Even though it consists of all seven Councilmembers, the CoW does not take final action on any matters.  Rather, its function is to discuss and formulate proposals for ordinances, resolutions, and other decisions to be acted upon by the Council during formal business meetings. In this capacity, the Committee may conduct public hearings or other forms of information gathering.

Budget and Finance Committee - Meets on the 3rd Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

Members:  Deputy Mayor Tom French, Chair; Councilmember Semra Riddle, Vice Chair; Councilmember Jon Lebo

The Committee is responsible for the review and recommendations associated with current and projected financial conditions, supplemental budget considerations, finance, reserve and financial operational policies, audits, financial reports, the review and tracking of capital improvement projects, and salary schedules.

The Chair of the Committee or his/her designee on the committee will recommend approval of checks or warrants drawn on behalf of the City, except for payroll.

The Committee is responsible for reviewing the Mayor’s proposed biennial and interim budget and recommending a biennial and interim budget to the City Council for consideration.

For purposes of considering the Mayor’s proposed biennial and interim budget and recommending a biennial and interim budget, all seven Councilmembers are members of the Committee.  The Chair is responsible for notifying the City Clerk of any Committee agenda that will contain consideration of the Mayor’s proposed biennial budget or recommendations relating to a biennial budget.