Climate Action Committee

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The Lake Forest Park Climate Action Committee is drafting a Climate Action Plan. The objective for the plan is to reduce our community’s use of fossil fuels and help us adapt to our changing climate. The survey will help shape the response to the climate crisis. 

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About the Climate Action Committee 

At its meeting on February 24, 2022, the City Council created the Climate Action Committee. The purpose of the Climate Action Committee is to gather and analyze climate information and draft a Climate Action Plan for recommendation to the City Council. The Committee's initial responsibilities are:

  • Prepare a first-year work plan, supporting the creation of a Climate Action Plan
  • Draft a Climate Action Plan for Council consideration. The tasks associated with the draft of the Climate Action Planwould include:
    • Review of existing local municipal climate action plans to identify best practices
    • Review and recommend changes to City operations to address climate change
    • Identify potential additions and amendments to legislation and community projects in support of a Climate Action Plan
    • Interaction with City commissions, committees, boards, and task forces
    • Identify potential funding sources to achieve the Climate Action Plan goals financially


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Agendas. Minutes, and Meeting Videos

Climate Action Committee agendas, minutes, and meeting videos are available here.


All meetings are open to the public. Regular meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and are now held in a hybrid format with virtual attendance via Zoom and in-person attendance at City Hall.

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  • Tracy Furutani, Council Liaison
  • Miriam Bertram
  • Dana Campbell
  • Anna Côté - student member
  • Jessica Côté
  • Tamara Erickson
  • Linda Holman
  • Sarah Phillips - Chair
  • Brian Saunders
  • Isabella Tancreti - student member
  • Anne Udaloy - Vice Chair
  • Matt Son
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