Recreation Opportunities Outside of Lake Forest Park

Recreation Opportunities through City of Shoreline Parks & Recreation

The City of Lake Forest Park has a partnership with the City of Shoreline for discounted access to recreation programs for Lake Forest Park residents. Classes, workshops, camps, memberships and enrichment programs for all ages are offered through the City of Shoreline's Recreation Department. Lake Forest Park’s recreation program agreement with Shoreline has recently changed, with Shoreline gaining a new recreation program registration system. The agreement between the two cities allows Lake Forest Park residents to receive an 8% discount on all program fees (not rentals) throughout the entire year. Lake Forest Park residents do not need to register on the one early day to receive this discount. Lake Forest Park residents will, however, still have one 24-hour period for early registration before all other non-Shoreline residents are able to register. Shoreline residents register before all non-residents. All changes take effect January 1, 2016.

Effective January 1, 2016: Changes for Lake Forest Park Residents through City of Shoreline Parks & Recreation

  • LFP residents will receive an 8% discount on all program fees (not rentals) throughout the entire year. LFP residents do not need to register on the one early day to receive this discount.
  • LFP residents will still be allowed one 24-hour early registration period during each registration period.

Lake Forest Park Residents NEW Registration Options:

  1. For the new system, you will need to set up a new account. It’s free, easy, and instant. You can set up a new account now! Simply go to and follow the instructions to set up your account.
  2. Should you prefer to register in-person instead of using the new system online, you will need to have an annual Liability Waiver form on file prior to being able to register. These forms can be found at Shoreline Recreation Program Forms.
    • Sign up in person at City of Shoreline Spartan Recreation Center: 202 NE 185th Street, Shoreline WA 98155 (Between Shoreline Conference center and Shoreline Stadium)

Scholarship Opportunities through Lake Forest Park City Hall

The City of Lake Forest Park offers scholarship reimbursements for eligible youth and specialized recreation participants. The City will reimburse eligible residents who are registered and attend cultural, recreation and aquatic programs and camps. The City will reimburse each qualified Lake Forest Park resident up to $50.00 per quarter for fall, winter and spring and up to $100 for summer quarter. Download the application form, or found in the lobby at City Hall.

Lake Forest Park Offers CARES Act-Funded Scholarships for Remote Learning Camps through the City of Shoreline

At the City Council meeting on October 8, 2020, the Lake Forest Park City Council approved CARES Act funding to provide scholarships for Lake Forest Park students to attend remote weekly learning camps. The program is for students in elementary, middle, and high school, and is offered through City of Shoreline Recreation. It is open to students who reside in the City of Lake Forest Park and attend the Shoreline School District. More information about the program is available on the Shoreline Recreation webpage.

To see if your student qualifies for scholarship assistance, review the application, available here. If your student does qualify, email the completed application to Community Volunteer Coordinator Cory Roche, along with supporting documentation; or, call her at 206-957-2814, with questions.