Municipal Services/City Clerk


The Municipal Services Department provides access to city services, information, and records and provides assistance and support to the Mayor, City Council, and City Administrator.

All ordinances passed by the City Council shall be published by posting the same in three official posting places designated as follows:  Lake Forest Park City Hall, the Lake Forest Park Library, and Third Place Commons.  (LFPMC 1.08.060.)  All ordinances and other legal notices of the city required to be published shall be published in The Seattle Times.

To file a damage claim with the City, please submit a Claim for Damages Form to the City Clerk.

Other services available through Municipal Services include:

Records Center

The department prepares and distributes council meeting agendas and minutes, and maintains city records including the municipal code, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and franchises.  Historical records of the city are also maintained.